Guat’s Up

Hi baby.  I’ve decided to send you a postcard from each of my favorite places on my trip.  A funny thing I have noticed is that this often is a place that most reminds me of you.  I’ve decided this to be the first.  I’m sitting in a tent in the jungle listening to howler monkeys talk back and forth above me, trying to fall asleep.  The idea of sleeping in the wilderness in a tent overwhelmingly reminds me of the memory of you and our spot in Big Sur.  We spent the better part of the night stargazing and talking beneath the pristine jungle sky, and I wished you had been able to see it.  You could trace every constellation flawlessly.  I am adding it to our list of things that we’ll get to together, one fine evening somewhere.  I miss you and hope this reaches you well and happy 🙂


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