It seems there is a threshold that exists between a product or service that is used by a private minority and one that is ubiquitous; your facebook, twitter, tinder, etc.

Many similar services existed before these but all failed to break this threshold into a household name or close.  Lets look at the example of social dating or casual hookups apps and services.  MAtch, eharmony and others have existed since the dot com boom, but failed to reach the level of users that tinder has in a short period of time ( no idea if this is true but lets roll with it).  The fact of the matter is that a certain level of social stigma exists with most young, attractive, sociable young people in signing up for a dating site and putting the effort into finding a mate in this way.  It is seen as a sign of weakness or incapability over simply stumbling on a person in every day life or through flesh and blood friendship and interaction.  There is no real reason for this stigma, as dating sites are an effective way to increase the pool of possible companions or mates using the technology of the internet.  I think that the defining factor of Tindr’s acceptance in this youth sub-culture is simple: convenience.  No signups, no questionnaires, no time involved other than clicking a few buttons and signing in through facebook.

Signing in with facebook is genius.  Why not piggyback on the success of another service to reduce the barriers to entry of your own?  In the world of Apps speed and convenience is king.

A  need i recognize in the marketplace is a social arena that has not yet been done in this manner.  A roommate finding app that has the ease and convenience of Tindr.  One page, select destination city, price range, maybe a few top interests, and it will have the built in age/demograph info from your facebook profile to add to filter settings.  Then youre off.  Potentially swiping left or right on roommates you would consider.  Consider though that the physical attraction central to tinder’s success is not the main element to successful roommate selection.  What is then?


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